"California" Glass Ice Bang
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"California" Glass Ice Bang

Name: "California" Glass Ice Bang

Type: Ice Bang
Raw material: Borosilicate glass
Dimensions: High 30.5cm, diameter 50mm
Colour: Transparent
Design: California Pin-up

CHF49.00 (VAT incl.) CHF45.50 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product

Cannabis King® presents the California bong. A bong made of top quality borosilicate glass, it is strong and stable. The sexy pin-up multi-coloured design, California style, is a motif not often seen on water pipes. This bong is stable, and thanks to its 7mm wall, it will survive the longest and most intense parties!

Thanks to its medium size, it will be perfect for all types of smokers.

The bong is equipped with a connection system with a diffuser adapter and a funnel-shaped bowl for the herbs. This also prevents the bowl from rolling off the table. The ice chamber can hold a lot of ice cubes to cool the smoke and the kickhole is equipped with a cap that makes it easy to clean the glass pipe.

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