"Gold Metallic" Glass Ice Bang - Blaze Glass
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"Gold Metallic" Glass Ice Bang - Blaze Glass

Name: "Gold Metallic" Glass Ice Bang

Type: Ice Bang
Raw material: Borosilicate glass
Dimensions: High 45cm, diameter 51mm
Gold Metallic, anthracite matt

CHF129.00 (VAT incl.) CHF119.78 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product

Cannabis King® presents the beautiful "Gold Metallic" bong from Blaze Glass. A bong made with top quality borosilicate glass, it is extremely strong and stable. Its matte anthracite colour with noble gold electroplated designs gives it a unique and luxurious beauty.

With a weight of approximately 1.58kg(!), this bong is ultra stable, and thanks to its 7mm wall, it will survive the longest and most intense parties!

The diffuser adapter gives powerful water bubbles for optimal smoke cooling. It can also hold a good amount of ice cubes in the ice chamber, ideal for ice cold taffy! The sleeve is ideal and offers a reasonable capacity.

An exceptional luxury product, made from top quality materials that will last for many years!

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