Glass Hookah "Micro 18cm"
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Glass Hookah "Micro 18cm"

Name: Glass Hookah With Skull Design

Type: Hookah
Raw material: Glass
Dimensions: High 18cm
Colour: Transparent

CHF19.90 (VAT incl.) CHF18.48 (VAT excl.)
VAT included
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The product

Cannabis King® presents the Micro Bang. A simple and elegant bong! Handcrafted from high quality borosilicate glass. It is sober and decorated with a simple "micro" sticker.
It comes with a removable glass hearth and is very easy to clean. Micro" bongs are known to be strong and last for many years, if properly maintained. The handy size of 18cm will eventually allow you to carry it in a rucksack and is perfect for an outdoor party, or at a venue with friends! It will also look great on your coffee table!

A product at a mini price, to test without hesitation!