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CanaBones - myPet24

Name : Canabones
Brand: myPet 24

Quantity: 30 pieces.

  • 300g
  • 100g
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The product:

CanaBones. The healthy way to the happy animal! A natural remedy and a food complement each other to form a healthy whole! Ideal for older, stressed, anxious or aggressive dogs!

Ingredients : Rice flour, organic eggs, almonds, amaranth, coconut flakes, honey, coconut oil with 1% CBD extract (2mg CBD/pc CanaBones)
Nutritional values :
Crude fats: 18.5%
Crude protein: 12.3%
Crude fibre: 1.7%
Crude ash: 1,4 %

- Does your pet have problems with the joints or locomotor system?

- Is your pet often frightened or stressed, for example during fireworks?

- Is your pet hungry or sick?

- Does your pet have difficulty driving or staying home alone?

- Does your pet sometimes become aggressive with other animals?

Thanks to the positive properties of CBD, CanaBones promotes well-being by supporting the immune system, joints, locomotor system and natural defenses. They are in favour of balanced behaviour.

With CBD, CanaBones can calm, relax, release anxiety and increase appetite. The CBD also promotes well-being before and after sporting activities.

The CBD content of CanaBones offers the highest level of bioavailable substances for health - without chemical additives and without undesirable side effects.

- CanaBones contains cannabidiol (CBD), derived from industrial hemp used in the hemp industry.

Switzerland is planted. The hemp used contains less than 1% THC. It is not subject to the Narcotics Law and is legal.

- CanaBones is free of colorants, flavors, attractants, preservatives and gluten.

- Each treat is cut by hand and gently baked in the oven.

- 100% food quality (mainly organic), produced in Switzerland.

- CanaBones is registered with the Agroscope Feed Control Agency (No. CH 23824).

Feeding recommendation:

Dogs up to 8 kg: 1 CanaBones 2 x per day.
Dogs from 9 to 16 kg: 2 CanaBones 2 x per day.
Dogs from 17 to 24 kg: 3 CanaBones 2 x per day.
Dogs over 25 kg: 4 CanaBones 2 x per day

The brand:

Mypet24, a small Swiss company located in the canton of Solothurn which puts all its know-how at the service of the well-being of our pets.

Our opinion:

New on the market, the perfect CBD enriched biscuit for our best friends dogs.