Sony VTC6 18650 3120mAh Batterie, flat top
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Sony VTC6 18650 3120mAh Battery, flat top

Brand: Sony Energy
Model: US18650VTC6
Size: 18650
Rated power: 3000mAh
Rated voltage: 3.6V
Discharge: max. 20A continuously
Dimensions: 18.2 mm x 64.9 mm
Weight: 46.8g

VAT included

The Sony VTC6 18650 battery is the ultimate new reference for vape batteries. The VTC6 is very efficient, and does not explode during degassing due to its lithium-manganese chemistry. Ideal for your electronic as well as mechanical mods. Sony Konion US18650VTC6. Maximum pulsed discharge current 30 A (maximum continuous discharge current of 20 A)

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