Mix bowls and trays

LED Power Tray - Raw
Name: LED Power Tray - RawDimension 28cm x 4.6cm x 21cm
Materials : Plastic
LED Glow Tray - Black Leaf
Product available with different options
Name:  LED Glow Tray - Black Leaf
Material: Solid plasticAvailable colours: Purple, Green, Blue and WhiteLighting: LED 1.22W - 7 colours + Flash modeDimensions: 27.9 x 20.9 x 3.4cmWeight: 0.5 kg
Rolling tray OG Kush Medium - V-syndicate
Name:  Rolling tray OG Kush Medium
Material: Durable MetalColour: Black with cannabis flowerDimensions: 10.5 inch x 6.25 inch (24.5cm x 15.25cm)