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Fragolina - Why not

Name: Fragolina Brand: Why not Quantity: 5gTHC rate: <1%CBD rate: 12%.Taste: Fruity Cultur: IndoorPrice per gram: Chf 11.-

Purple Haze - Biokonopia

Name: Purple Haze Brand: Biokonopia Quantity: 6gTHC rate: -1%.CBD rate: -18%.Flavour: Intense and sweetCulture: GreenhousePrice per gram : Chf 5.80

Early Skunk - Biokonopia

Name: Early Skunk Brand: Biokonopia Quantity: 15gTHC rate: -1%.CBD rate: -20%.Taste: Intense and fruityCulture: OutdoorPrice per gram : Chf 3.66

Cheese - Biokonopia

Name: Cheese Brand: Biokonopia Quantity: 5gTHC rate: -1%.CBD rate: -20%.Flavour: IntenseCulture: IndoorPrice per gram : Chf 6

La Gioia - Mon Joint

Name: La GioiaBrand: Mon Joint Quantity: 3gTHC rate : 0.94%CBD rate: 18.7%.Taste: Fruity and full-bodiedCulture: IndoorPrice per gram: Chf 9.-

La Monella - Mon Joint

Name: La MistaBrand: Mon Joint Quantity: 2gTHC rate : -1%CBD rate: -17%.Taste: Subtly fruityCulture: IndoorPrice per gram: Chf 9.-

Bloody Berry - Cannabis King

From CHF17.00 CHF20.00 -15%
Name: Bloody Berry Brand: Cannabis King Quantity: 4.8gTHC rate: 0.84%CBD rate: 19.4%.Taste: Fruity Cultur: IndoorPrice per gram: Chf 10.40

Bubble Gum - CYMBIOSED

From CHF18.00 CHF20.00 -10%
Name: Bubble GumBrand: CymBioSed Quantity: 2g / 4.5gTHC rate: <1%.CBD rate: <24%Taste: Bubble GumCulture: IndoorPrice per gram : Chf 10.- / 8.90

Alpenzwerg - Pure Production

From CHF58.41 CHF64.90 -10%
Name : AlpenzwergBrand: Pure Production Quantity: 5g / 20gTHC rate: <1%.CBD rate: 12-18%.Taste: Lemony and earthyCrop: OutdoorPrice per gram :...

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