Various accessories

Cone Cutter - Raw
Name: Cone Cutter 
Colour: Black, red RAW logoMaterial: Plastic, metal
Smokers Wallet - Raw
Name: Smokers Wallet 
Wallet size: 15.2cm x 8.89cm closed, 15.2cm x 17.8cm open.
Colour: Beige
Material: Woven hemp
Wake Up & Bake up Mug - Raw
Name: Wake Up & Bake Up Mug - Raw
This mug from Raw allows you to wake up with a combination of morning treats and an extra free hand.
Make Your Cannagar - The Amazing - D3-ch Gmbh
Name : Make Your Cannagar - The Amazing
Type: Cannagar mouldRaw material: Aluminium, plastic, woodType of use: Cannagar creationDimension: Height 140mm, Diameter 16mm
Crystal Ashtray - Raw
Ashtray in Crystal RAW with a size of 13x6cm and an impressive weight of 1.4 kg