Crafty - Unité de refroidissement
Manufacturer: Storz & BikelModel: Crafty
Type : Cooling unitRaw material: POM PlasticType of use: Concentrate, Grass, essential oils, botanicalsWeight in gr. : 50g
Mighty - Seal Set
Name: Mighty - Seal Ring Set
3 pcs. End cap seal
2 pcs. Gasket for Filling Chamber
3 pcs. Base Seal, small
3 pc. Base Seal, large
Capsule Caddy - Storz&Bickel
Name: Capsule Caddy
Cannabis KingIntroducing the Capsule Caddy from "Storz&Bickel", this key protector allows you to have 4 capsules filled with your favorite products for your Mighty or Crafty. Go anywhere with your stash!
Contains :

1 pc. Caddy Capsule
4 pc. Dosing Capsule
Mighty+ - Storz & Bickel - Portable Air Conditioner
Manufacturer: Storz & BickelModel: Mighty+
Type: Portable vaporizerRaw Material: Aluminum, POM Plastic, GlassType of Use: Concentrated, Herb, Essential Oils, BotanicalsDimensions of the device: 14,0 H x 8,0 W x 3,0 cm Warranty: 2 Years (+1 year if registered with Storz & Bickel)
Titanic 2 - Puri5 - Portable Vaporizer
Name: Titanic 2
Type : Portable VaporizerRaw material : Aluminium, POM Plastic, GlassType of use : Concentrate, Herbs, Essential oils, botanicalsDevice dimensions : 14.0 H x 8.0 W x 3.0 cm EWeight in gr. : 235.00Warranty : 2 years