Designed for phyto-inhalation our range of high quality vaporizers has been selected for all those who want to consume cannabis and take care of his health. Cannabis, consumed as a vapor (vaporizer) is much more healthy than if it is consumed as smoke (combustion). A new trend that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without suffering the adverse effects.

Complete range of vaporizers designed for phyto-inhalation

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Argo - Arizer

Model : ArgoManufacturer: Arizer Type : VaporizerRaw material : Aluminium, glassType of use : GrassDimensions : Very compactWeight :...

Compax - Flowermate

Manufacturer : FlowermateModel : Compax Type : Portable Vaporizer for oil and extractsContent : - 2 Dual Coil Wrapped Quartz Heating...

Mighty - Storz & Bickel

CHF310.50 CHF345.00 -10%
Manufacturer : Storz & BikelModel : Mighty Type : Portable VaporizerRaw material : Aluminium, POM Plastic, GlassType of use :...

IQ Black - DaVinci

Manufacturer : DaVinci Model : IQ Type : VaporizerRaw material : Aluminium, glassType of use : Concentrate, Grass, Essential oils,...

Pax 3 - PAX Labs

Manufacturer : PAX LabsModel : Pax 3 Black Type : Portable VaporizerRaw material : AluminiumType of use : Concentrate, Grass,...

Extreme Q - Arizer

Manufacturer : ArizerModel : Extreme Q Type : VaporizerRaw material : Plastic POM, GlassType of use : Concentrate, Grass, Essential...

Crafty - Unité de...

Manufacturer: Storz & BikelModel: Crafty Type : Cooling unitRaw material: POM PlasticType of use: Concentrate, Grass, essential...

Hypnos Zero - Linx

Manufacturer : LinxModel : Hypnos zero Type : Vaporizer PortableRaw material : Stainless steel, Ceramic, GlassType of use :...

Air 2 - Arizer

Manufacturer : ArizerModel: Air 2 Carbon Black Type : VaporizerRaw material : Aluminium, glassType of use : Concentrate, Grass,...

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