Cannabis - Energy drink with cannabis
Name: Energy drink with cannabis
Quantity: 250mlTHC rate: 0%.Ingredients: Hemp seed extract, caffeine, taurine, vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12 (see back of the product for more informations)Taste: Cannabis
High caffeine drink! 32mg/100ml
Not suitable for children, diabetics, pregnant women and other caffeine-sensitive people.
Ice Tea with hemp - AlpenPionier
Name: Ice Tea with hemp - AlpenPionier
Quantity: 50cl
Cold hemp tea, a cold tradition! In the last millennium, our ancestors made an aromatic tea from hemp leaves after hard work. When it cooled down, they mixed it with fresh spring water from the mountain. We recreated this cold hemp tea with the finest ingredients and put it on the shelf in your grocery store. The traditional refreshing drink for summer!
Evening Infusion - CBD Salad - 50g
Name: Evening Infusion - La Salade CBD - 50g

Quantity: 50gr bulkTHC content: <1% - CBD content: <5% - THC content: <1% - THC content: <1CBD content: <5%Ingredients: Hemp (20%), apple, lemongrass, mint, hibiscus, orange peel, licorice root...Dosage: 12-15g / literInfusion time: 7-10min