Light-mix - BioBizz
Type: Organic substratesQuantity : 20 L; 50 LIf you are looking for greater control, Light-Mix provides the ideal foundation to encourage vigorous growth of seedlings, saplings and cuttings from the very beginning. It triggers the necessary micro-activity as water penetrates the soil, producing biological catalysts that rapidly develop root structures. In addition, the Light-Mix has been specially designed to ensure optimum drainage throughout the medium, an essential property for those using automatic irrigation systems.
All-Mix - BioBizz
Type: Organic substratesQuantity: 20 L; 50 LAll-Mix really does everything for you, to the point of creating the optimal environment for your plants to thrive all year round. This highly pre-fertilized substrate mix is like a fertile outdoor soil with a complete micro-active ecosystem. It has been designed to contain enough nutrients to maintain lush growth for approximately two weeks, without the need for additional fertiliser.