Pax 2 - PAX Labs

Manufacturer: PAX Labs
Model: Pax 2 - Black Charcoal
Type: Portable vaporizer
Raw material: Aluminium
Type of use: Concentrate, Grass, Essential oils, Botanicals
Dimensions of the device: 10 cm H / 3 cm L / 2.2 cm E
Weight: 200 gr
Warranty: 2 Years

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The product:

The PAX 2 Black Charcoal developed by PAX Labs in San Francisco is the successor to the popular PAX vaporizer.

It offers a new elegant and slimmer design in fact it is 25% smaller and 10% lighter.

Designed for use with botany.

The portable vaporizer is beautifully designed, easy to use and compact.

Four temperature settings available for uniform heating of your botany and improved airflow to provide excellent quality steam as expected by the PAX Labs brand.

An easier to use vaporizer with its one and only button.

The PAX 2 Black Charcoal is the successor to the famous PAX vaporizer that offers a sleek and slim new design.

The PAX 2 is 10% lighter than the PAX with a weight of 90.2 gr and its 10 cm high, 3 cm wide and 2.2 cm thick, it remains very compact.

The PAX 2 reaches the temperature you have chosen between 30 and 60 seconds.

Expect pure steam in less than a minute.

Multicoloured LED lights communicate temperature parameters and battery life. Green means GO!

In order to optimize the vaporization with PAX 2, it is recommended to fill the oven with your botany.

The PAX 2 Furnace is big enough for single or multi-person sessions but can be considered too big for a single session, so it is possible to buy deeper Magnetic Furnace covers for a half-filled Furnace load.

PAX 2 incorporates new technologies:

If you rest your PAX 2 for 30 seconds, the heating compartment will start to cool down slowly to preserve battery life and optimize the exposure of your botany to hot air.

As soon as you resume your PAX 2 or inhale, the unit will automatically warm up to the selected temperature.

If your PAX 2 does not detect your lips for 20 seconds, the temperature in the heating chamber will drop by a few degrees to preserve the internal temperature of your botanical.

This saves the botany from unnecessary heating while you are not inhaling and ensures that any subsequent inhalation will be perfect.

Remember that if your PAX 2 doesn't move or smell your lips for 3 minutes, it will go out to preserve battery life.

A cleaning kit is provided with the PAX 2 in order to be able to maintain the PAX 2 regularly for a better spray experience.

Note: The PAX 2 cannot be used while charging.

The delivery of the PAX 2 Black Charcoal vaporizer contains:

Two silicone mouthpieces, one flat, aligned with the top surface of the device, and one raised in option / A magnetic oven cover / An induction magnetic USB charging cradle with USB cord / A PAX 2 cleaning kit with isopropyl alcohol and pipe cleaner / A user's manual.

The brand:

PAX Labs is an American company that designs brilliant systems for use with botany.

Our opinion:

We appreciate its powerful and remarkably economical heat conduction heating method.

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