Vappease E-cig Kit - Jungle Spirit - Happease E-cigarettes
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Vappease E-cig Kit - Jungle Spirit - Happease

Name: Vappease E-cig Kit - Jungle Spirit

Contents: 1 rechargeable battery (340mAh), 1 distillate cartridge (600mg), 1 USB charger
THC rate: 0%.

CBD rate: 85%
Flavour: Fruity, Sweet
No glycerine, no propylene glycol, no MCT oil, no tobacco, no nicotine.

CHF59.90 (tax incl.) CHF55.62 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product :  

Cannabis King® presents the Vappease kit from Happease. A high-end product, sober, discreet and elegant, presented in an attractive magnetic box. In this kit you will find an electronic cigarette battery (340Mah), a cartridge of Jungle Spirit full spectrum distillate (600mg of CBD), a USB charger and instructions for use. The practical format of the Vappease will allow you to take it everywhere with you.

It is easy to use: Charge the battery by screwing the charger provided and plug it into a USB socket. When the LED is off, your battery is ready to use. Then screw on the cartridge and you can start vaping! Thanks to the ceramic CCEL heating system of the cartridge, the flavours are powerful and precise. The volume of steam is also there despite its small size!

The CBD benefits in this liquid are provided by terpenes, in this case, Mycene (15%), Limonene (34%), Humulene (6%), Betapinene (9%), betacaryophyllene (6%). Banana Kush extracts provide a fruity, sweet and balanced taste. They also accentuate the effects of this blend, which has been designed to promote concentration.

We recommend taking small puffs of 3 to 5 seconds maximum, inhaling indirectly (like smoking a normal cigarette) and without inhaling too hard to preserve all the aromas of the liquid and avoid tingling in the throat. For people used to electronic cigarettes, the flavour and feel of the liquid is different, as it contains neither PG nor VG.

The Vappease Kit is an excellent, effective product that we highly recommend!

Read the instructions before your first use!