Hemp tea Baron - Licht Witz

Name: Hemp tea Baron
Brand: Licht Witz
Quantity: 30g
Ingredients: Cannabis leaves, mate and lemongrass

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19.00 CHF

The product :

The BARON tea is produced from the leaves of hemp Cannabis Sativa L, it contains CBD, CBN some traces of THC.

The tea is entirely produced and harvested by hand to guarantee a top quality product.

The BARON infusion is composed of hemp leaves combined with mate and lemongrass.

Infusion of hemp strengthens the immune system, relieves nervous tension, eliminates sleep disorders and has a relaxing effect.

The maté relieves fatigue, stimulates and strengthens the body.

The smell of lemongrass improves concentration.

Weight: 30g.

Preparation of the infusions:

To weigh 1-3 g Indica ( 1-2 flowers) and to pay 250 ml of boiling water may let infuse during 5-10 minutes.

According to your tastes add some sugar, the lemon or the honey.

The mark :

Biokonopia is a Jura company specialized in the sale of cannabis in the CBD and her by-products.

Very attentive in qualities of proposed products Biokonopia proposes a wide range of different varieties.

The producer:

The infusion of hemp Licht Witz is produced from the leaves of a special variety of cannabis Cannabis Sativa Carmagnola which contains of the CBD, with a track of THC.

The tea is processed from beginning to end entirely by hand, without mechanization.

The cannabis leaves are harvested and packaged manually.

The dried leaves are the base for the infusion.

Our opinion:

The hemp tea BARON helps to maintain the natural defenses of the body.

Antioxidizing properties.

In addition relieves the problems of exhaustion, migraine, neuralgia and gastrointestinal flatulence.

Not to mention that it calms and improves the mood!