Jet Pack Storage Box - Smokus Focus Storage boxes
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Jet Pack Storage Box - Smokus Focus

Name: Jet Pack

Material: Solid plastic, acrylic glass screen
Colour: Black

CHF19.00 (tax incl.) CHF17.64 (tax excl.)
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The product

Cannabis King® presents the Jet Pack portable airtight storage box by Smokus Focus. A sturdy plastic box with a 1.6x magnifying glass on top made of acrylic glass.

This box allows you to transport a large amount of herb safely. The lid is fitted with a childproof lock.

This box is ideal for displaying your flowers. The 1.6x magnification lens allows your friends to see the trichromes and filaments in detail. The lid is equipped with an LED light (battery included). The Jet Pack has a sealed "fragrance" opening so you can enjoy the scent of your heads without having to open the box each time.

Multifunctional, the Jet Pack will adapt to your needs. Whether it's for personal storage, in-store display, or simply to carry your favourite herbs around with you, it's the perfect box!

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