Feuilles à rouler + filtres - LBV

Type: Feuilles à rouler 2 en 1 avec filtres
Marque: LBV 
Quantité par carnet: 32 feuilles + 32 filtres
Dimension des feuilles: 109x44mm 
Grammage: Papier ultra-fin ~ 12g/m2

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3.00 CHF

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The product:

The paper is with rice and its special structure allows him to waste away in a more regular way, finished "spoons"!

32 cardboard filters are included in the pad designé by Philippe Cuendet, qualified graphic designer of the ECAL

The brand:

LBV La Belle Verte, the Lausanne GrowShop is releasing new ultra-thin rolling sheets and a super-design notebook.

Our opinion:

Practical a small magnet has been placed inside the package so that it can always be closed well, we appreciate.

Batch price

1-45-910-1920-2930-4950 +

3.00 CHF

2.85 CHF

2.70 CHF

2.55 CHF

2.40 CHF

1.80 CHF

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