Handcrafted Wooden Storage Box "Olivier Bonhomme" - Cannabis King® Cannabis King ®
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Handcrafted Wooden Storage Box "Olivier Bonhomme" - Cannabis King®

Name: Bamboo Box

Material: Wood
Colour: Wood
Dimension: 22 
x 12 x 2cm

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The product

Cannabis King® presents its 100% handmade wooden Olivier Bonhomme storage kit! 

This magnificent box will allow you to store all your relaxation equipment like a King! A small bag of grass, pre-rolled joints, a grinder, filters, lighters and anything else you can think of!

The Bamboo box closes with four small magnets at the four corners. Once open, the two parts will be held open and together by two large magnets.

Due to the fact that the Bamboo Box is handmade, each model is unique and may have slight imperfections.

Visit our social networks to post your best photos! We look forward to seeing what you can fit in your new Bamboo Box!

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